Lotsa Balls is a local classic serving Meatballs & More

To New Jersey Italians, meatballs are considered to be THE heirloom of all recipes. Every family has their own version; a family famous pie, a secret casserole with one mysterious ingredient. To us, meatballs are that timeless staple in all Italian-American expat kitchens.

We as Jersey Italians, have our meatballs, our pasta and our sauce that our wives and grandmothers have been canning for decades. The smell of your grandmothers kitchen, the fresh herbs perfuming the air, and the company you and your family have always kept. At Lotsa Balls our goal is to tug at those heart strings and become that sense of home for anyone who walks in.



25 New Street
Metuchen, New Jersey

SUN-wed: 11:30AM - 9PM
thurs-Sat: 11:30AM - 10PM